Liberia: 'You Ain't Know Ebola in Town?'

As the World Health Organization announces that the number of fatalities from the deadly Ebola virus has risen to more than 500, allAfrica's Boakai Fofana, who heads the Monrovia bureau, blogs about how Liberians are coping amid some denial about the existence of the disease in that country. 

  • Liberia:  'You Ain't Know Ebola in Town?', 9 July 2014

    The kids chatted happily as they gathered around a community well, carrying buckets and jerry cans to fill with water for their households. They were in a buoyant mood, but it ... read more »

  • West Africa:  Defying the Ebola Odds in Sierra Leone

    Inter Press Service, 12 July 2014

    Adikali Kamara is a 36-year-old student nurse working in the government hospital in Kenema, a sprawling town on the fringe of the Sierra Leone's Gola tropical rain forest. read more »

  • West Africa:  Misconceptions Fuel Ebola Outbreak

    United Nations Children's Fund, 11 July 2014

    As the Ebola-related death toll rises above 500 in West Africa, UNICEF and its partners are expanding their activities across the region to halt the spread of the disease by ... read more »

Downtown Monrovia

  • Liberia:  Health Workers Flee Ebola

    The New Dawn, 10 July 2014

    Health workers in Liberia are said to be fleeing and returning from their areas of assignment due to the increasing number of Ebola patients. Some are said to have died from ... read more »

  • West Africa:  Ebola Outbreak Claims More Than 500

    Voice of America, 8 July 2014

    The death toll from the West African Ebola outbreak has climbed to 518. read more »

  • Liberia:  Ebola Hits Cape Mount - First Suspected Ebola Case Recorded

    Heritage, 9 July 2014

    The first suspected case of the deadly Ebola disease has been recorded at the St. Timothy Government Hospital in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County. read more »

  • Liberia:  Legislature to Allot Over U.S.$1 Million to Eradicate Ebola Virus

    FrontPageAfrica, 9 July 2014

    The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has unanimously voted in favor of a recommendation from the Health Committee for an amount of one million and five hundred thousand United States ... read more »

  • West Africa:  What Happens To Your Body When You Get Ebola?

    The Conversation, 9 July 2014

    By Derek Gatherer, Lancaster University read more »

  • Liberia:  16 New Ebola Cases in Liberia

    The New Dawn, 9 July 2014

    The World Health Organization or WHO has reported 16 new cases of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in Liberia. read more »

  • Liberia:  'No Proper Treatment Given 'Ebola Suspects''

    The Analyst, 8 July 2014

    The Deputy Coordinator for the Human Rights Protection Forum of Liberia, Ms.Korpo S. Kortimaihas observed many suspected ebola patients are dying in the hospitals owing to lack of ... read more »


  • Africa's Ebola Reality

    Publication Date:
    8 July 2014

    VOA's health correspondent Linord Moudou reports on how a young Ebola patient in Guinea returns to his village after receiving treatment from Doctors ... see more »