Nigeria Govt to Trace Those at Risk of Ebola

Authorities are in the process of tracing 30, 000 people who may be at risk of contracting the Ebola disease.


  • Nigeria:  We'll Provide Data On Boko Haram, Ebola Virus - - Minister

    Vanguard, 31 July 2014

    ABUJA -- The new Minister of National Planning Commission, NPC, Dr. Abubakar Sulaiman, has said he was determined to work hard towards providing Federal Government with accurate ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  FG Denies Envoy's Contact With Ebola Victim

    Daily Trust, 31 July 2014

    The Federal Government has denied that Nigeria Ambassador to Liberia, Mrs Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie had contact with the victim of the Ebola virus who died in Lagos State last Friday. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Nigerians Plead for Foreign Help As Ebola Fears Spread

    Vanguard, 30 July 2014

    LAGOS - Standing just a few hundred metres from the Lagos hospital where a Liberian man died of Ebola, John Ejiofor pleaded for the world to help contain a spread of the virus ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Pastors Claiming to Cure Ebola Warned

    CAJ News Agency, 31 July 2014

    Lagos State Government has warned the public to be wary of some pastors who claim to have cure for the dreaded Ebola virus. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Panic Spreads

    Vanguard, 31 July 2014

    LAGOS--Following the death in Nigeria of a Liberian, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, of Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, panic has gripped Nigerians especially all those who were in the same flight ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Ogun Places Health Workers in Border Areas On Red Alert

    Vanguard, 31 July 2014

    OGUN State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, yesterday, said that all health and other relevant officials in the border areas of the state have been put on red alert to forestall ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola Virus - Nigeria's Envoy Had No Contact With Victim, Says FG

    This Day, 30 July 2014

    The Federal Government has refuted reports that its envoy to the Republic of Liberia, Ambassador Chigozie Obi Nnadozie, was among the 59 persons who had contact with the late Mr. ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Airline Wants NCAA to Lift Suspension of Its Flights

    Daily Independent, 30 July 2014

    The Director-General of ASKY Airlines, Mr Yissehak Zewoldi, on Wednesday pleaded with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to lift its suspension of the airline's flight ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Piot, the 'Outbreak Detective' Who Discovered Ebola

    Daily Independent, 30 July 2014

    About 38 years ago, Professor Peter Piot made a daring trip to Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo that would later change his entire life. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - One Out of 15 Airport Contacts Down With Ebola Virus Disease

    Vanguard, 31 July 2014

    THE Lagos state government has however allayed fears that some of the contacts may have been manifesting symptoms of the virus. Already, medical personnel from Canada are already ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Officials Seek Contacts of Ebola Victim Who Died in Nigeria

    Voice of America, 29 July 2014

    Health authorities across West Africa are trying to identify airline passengers who had contact with a man who died of Ebola. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Nigeria Tracking 30,000 People at Risk of Contracting Ebola

    Voice of America, 30 July 2014

    Nigerian health authorities are in the process of tracing more than 30,000 people who could be at risk of contracting Ebola, after the virus surfaced in Lagos. read more »

  • Nigeria:  No Nigerian Infected With Ebola Virus, Says Govt

    The Guardian, 29 July 2014

    AGAIN, the Federal and the Lagos State Governments Tuesday affirmed that no Nigerian is infected with the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and they advised against panic. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Govt Allays Fear of Ebola Outbreak

    The Guardian, 28 July 2014

    The Federal Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Government Monday allayed fear of Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in the country. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Obiano Orders 400 PPE for Anambra Health Workers

    Vanguard, 29 July 2014

    ONITSHA--Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has ordered the state Ministry of Health to acquire at least 400 Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, to prevent health workers in ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - 59 Victim's Contacts Placed On Close Surveillance

    Daily Trust, 29 July 2014

    At least 59 people who had contacts with the Ebola virus victim who died in Lagos last week have been placed on close surveillance, the state government said yesterday. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Envoy Had No Contact With Ebola Disease Victim - - Lagos Govt

    Vanguard, 30 July 2014

    LAGOS--LAGOS State Government yesterday said Nigeria's Ambassador to Liberia, Mrs. Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie was not one of the persons that had contacts with the late Liberian victim ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Nigeria Is Not Out of the Woods Yet - - Prof. Tomori

    Vanguard, 30 July 2014

    Since the confirmation and subsequent death of a Liberian man who was the first to be diagnosed with the Ebola Virus Disease on Nigerian soil, anxiety, shock and fear have been ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ambassador Was Wrongly Linked to Ebola Victim - LASG

    Leadership, 30 July 2014

    The Lagos State government yesterday said that the ambassador to Liberia, Mrs Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie was wrongly linked to the Ebola victim who died in Lagos last Friday after ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola Virus-a Clear and Present Danger!

    Daily Independent, 29 July 2014

    The recent piece of sad news that the deadly Ebola virus that has already killed 660 people across the West Africa Sub-region has spread to Nigeria calls for urgent concern and ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Planes and Viruses - Nigeria Confronts Ebola Scare

    Daily Trust, 29 July 2014

    It is uncertain just how many people came in contact with Patrick Sawyer the day he boarded an Asky flight in Liberia, stopped over in Ghana, changed planes in Togo and arrived ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola Death Prompts Air Travel Fears

    Daily Independent, 29 July 2014

    No one knows for sure just how many people Patrick Sawyer came into contact with the day he boarded a flight in Liberia, had a stopover in Ghana, changed planes in Togo, and then ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  FG, Lagos Move to Contain Ebola Virus

    Daily Independent, 28 July 2014

    Lagos State Government on Monday called on Nigerians to be calm and not panic, assuring them that both the state and Federal Governments are well prepared to ensure that the Ebola ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Dead Ebola Victim's Contacts Placed Under Surveillance

    Leadership, 29 July 2014

    As part of measures to avert the spread of the deadly ebola virus disease, no fewer than 59 contacts of the late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian patient who died of the disease ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Dealing With the Ebola Virus Threat

    This Day, 29 July 2014

    There is urgent need to create awareness to contain the spread of the disease read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - Lagos Govt Identifies 59 Contacts With Dead Liberian Victim

    Daily Independent, 28 July 2014

    The Lagos State Government said on Monday that it had identified no fewer than 59 people who had contacts with Mr Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who died of Ebola Virus in the state. read more »

  • Nigeria:  The Ebola Question - Bringing the Virus Under Control

    Daily Trust, 28 July 2014

    Ebola has been in the spotlight this year, but even more so this week with the death on Friday of Patrick Sawyer, 40. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola Virus - Liberian Envoy Urges Regional Collaboration to Combat Disease

    This Day, 28 July 2014

    The Ambassador of Liberia to Nigeria, Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh has called on all countries in West African sub-region to collaborate to combat the spread of the deadly Ebola virus as ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Preventing the Outbreak of Deadly Ebola Virus

    Daily Independent, 28 July 2014

    It is a terrifying development that Nigeria is at risk of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease epidemic. read more »

  • Nigeria:  What Can I Do to Prevent Ebola?

    Daily Trust, 29 July 2014

    I am a nurse by profession and I visited Sierra Leone last week and inundated with lots of information about Ebola. What can a common man and health worker do to prevent the ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - FAAN Assures Passengers of Safety At Abuja Airport

    This Day, 28 July 2014

    Following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, which claimed the life of a Liberian national in Lagos, the Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authorities of Nigeria ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Ebola - FG, LASG to Isolate 59 Persons Who Had Contact With Dead Victim

    This Day, 29 July 2014

    Determined to contain the ease of the infection and the swiftness of containing those infected with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the Federal Government in conjunction with the ... read more »

  • West Africa:  Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Raises Alarm in West Africa

    Deutsche Welle, 28 July 2014

    Concerns about the deadliest-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus are growing after the infection of two US health workers and the death of a Liberian doctor. The virus has killed at ... read more »


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