Kenyan Court Throws Out 'Corruption' Tape

The High Court has discarded the Anglo-Leasing tape recorder produced by former ethics and governance Permanent Secretary, John Githongo, against former minister, Chris Murungaru, depicting him as corrupt.

  • Kenya:  Court Halts Further Anglo Leasing Payments

    Capital FM, 28 July 2014

    The Court of Appeal on Monday directed the government not to make further payments for claims linked to 18 Anglo Leasing contracts. read more »

  • Kenya:  Court Blocks Payment of Anglo Leasing Firms

    The Star, 28 July 2014

    The court of appeal has blocked further payments to Anglo Leasing firms until a case filed by the Law society of Kenya is concluded. Anura Perrera, one of the scam architects, had ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Anglo Leasing Files Given to Switzerland

    The Star, 18 July 2014

    The Ethics and Anti Corruption has handed over evidence on five active Anglo Leasing files to the Switzerland government. EACC vice chairperson Irene Keino yesterday led a team of ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Kamani in Court to Block Anglo-Leasing Swiss Probe

    The Star, 16 July 2014

    ANGLO Leasing scam suspect Deepak Kamani has moved to court seeking to stop the Kenyan Government from releasing any information requested by the Swiss Federal Attorney's office. read more »

  • Kenya:  Kamani Brothers in Court to Block Swiss Probe

    Capital FM, 15 July 2014

    Businessmen Deepak Kamani and his two brothers on Tuesday moved to court seeking to stop the Kenyan government from releasing any information requested by the Swiss Federal ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Anglo Leasing Suspect Kamani Moves to Court to Bar AG From Sharing Data With Swiss Court

    The Star, 15 July 2014

    Deepak Kamani who is alleged to be behind the controversial Sh2.7 billion passports contract deal when he appeared before the Kenya Anti corruption commission at Integrity center. ... read more »

  • Kenya:  LSK Blocked From Probing Muigai On Anglo Leasing

    The Star, 15 July 2014

    ATTORNEY General Githu Muigai yesterday got a reprieve after the court extended an order stopping the Law Society of Kenya from summoning him over how he handled the Anglo Leasing ... read more »

  • Kenya:  High Court Stops LSK From Summoning AG Over Anglo Leasing

    The Star, 14 July 2014

    THE High Court has extended an order stopping the Law Society of Kenya from summoning Attorney General Githu Muigai over how he handled the Anglo Leasing Case. read more »

  • Kenya:  Prosecutors Say Nairobi Still Withholding Evidence

    Institute for War & Peace Reporting, 11 July 2014

    Defence team counters that requests for information are no more than "fishing expedition". read more »

  • Kenya:  Machakos Defends Newly Built 33km Kithimani Road

    The Star, 11 July 2014

    THE Machakos government yesterday dismissed claims that a newly tarmacked road is in a state of disrepair. read more »

  • Kenya:  Cord Should Work Through Parliament

    The Star, 8 July 2014

    YESTERDAY Cord held its Saba Saba rally to make various demands of government. read more »

  • Kenya:  Safaricom CCTV Fees Due Year After Project Ends

    Capital FM, 1 July 2014

    The Government will start paying for the Sh14.9 billion Safaricom security tender one year after completion, according to the National Treasury Henry Rotich. read more »

  • Kenya:  Cord MPs Mystified By Raila

    The Star, 28 June 2014

    CORD MPs are apparently mystified by the decision by their leader Raila Odinga to continue rallies across the country. read more »

  • Kenya:  Law Firm for Two Anglo Leasing Companies Sues for Unpaid Dues

    The Star, 25 June 2014

    LAWYERS who represented two companies linked to Anglo Leasing want the court to grant them orders to effect their bill of more than Sh215 million. read more »

  • Kenya:  Githu, Swiss Envoy Meet Over Anglo Leasing

    The Star, 24 June 2014

    ATTORNEY General Githu Muigai yesterday confirmed that Kenya has handed to the Swiss government documents relating to Anglo Leasing type contracts. read more »

  • Kenya:  Anglo Leasing Evidence Sent to Swiss Police

    The Star, 23 June 2014

    KENYA has handed over to Switzerland evidence that will be used to unravel the multi-billion-shilling Anglo Leasing scandal. At the same time, the Swiss authorities are ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Anglo Leasing Firm Could Not Be Located - Auditor

    The Star, 6 June 2014

    FIRST Mercantile, a company which took most of the Sh1.4 billion paid by the government last month, could not be located at its Switzerland address in 2006 when the deal was ... read more »

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