U.S. to Send 50 Experts to Fight Ebola

The U.S. Center for Disease Control has announced it is sending 50 disease-control experts to West Africa to help "find, respond to and stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus".

Dr. Brantly makes chlorine solution for disinfection at the case management center at ELWA Hospital in Monrovia before he was infected with the virus.

  • Liberia:  Govt Starts Cremating Bodies of Ebola Victims

    The New Dawn, 4 August 2014

    The Liberian Government announced Sunday that it has begun burning the bodies of victims of the deadly Ebola virus. read more »

  • West Africa:  New Case of Ebola in Nigeria

    Vanguard, 4 August 2014

    The doctor in Lagos who treated a Liberian victim of Ebola has contracted the virus, the second confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city. read more »

  • West Africa:  Health Officials Say Ebola Threat to Air Travel Low

    Voice of America, 31 July 2014

    The death of an Ebola infected airline passenger in Nigeria has tipped off fears that the illness could spread across the airways to Europe, Asia and the Americas. read more »

  • Liberia:  Major Hospitals Shutdown

    The New Dawn, 4 August 2014

    Leading government and privately- run hospitals in Liberia have been shut down after being badly hit by the deadly Ebola virus, while a proposal is being made to the Ebola ... read more »

  • Sierra Leone:  Sierra Leone Wages Local Battle Against Ebola, Fear

    Voice of America, 31 July 2014

    The Ebola outbreak that began in Guinea a few months ago has spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization now reports more than 700 deaths in the region. In ... read more »

  • Liberia:  We Can Defeat Ebola

    The New Dawn, 4 August 2014

    The Leaders of Ebola-stricken Mano River Union basin, meeting at an emergency summit in the Guinean capital, Conakry to discuss the outbreak, last Friday agreed to a holistic ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Slight Improvement for Doctor with Ebola

    Samaritan's Purse, 30 July 2014

    The Samaritan's Purse physician and a missionary working with a partner organization remain in serious condition read more »

  • Liberia:  Condition Worsens for American Missionary with Ebola Nancy Writebol Receiving Experimental Drug

    SIM, 31 July 2014

    The condition of Nancy Writebol, a missionary who recently contracted Ebola while serving in Liberia, has worsened, according to SIM (www.simusa.org), the Christian missions ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Ebola Hits Second American

    FrontPageAfrica, 28 July 2014

    Nancy Writebol has become the second American working in Liberia to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus, the medical group, Samaritan Purse announced on its website Sunday. read more »

  • Liberia:  EU Scales up Funding in Response to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

    European Commission, 30 July 2014

    The European Commission is allocating an additional €2 million to respond to the worst Ebola outbreak ever recorded. This brings the Commission's aid to fight the Ebola ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Letter From Lagos - Wish Liberia Had Done This Much to Curb Ebola

    FrontPageAfrica, 28 July 2014

    On the day my country, Liberia turned 167, I touched down in Lagos, Nigeria to see for myself what really happened to Patrick Sawyer and how he died. read more »

  • Liberia:  Ebola Claims Top Doctor at Leading Hospital

    FrontPageAfrica, 26 July 2014

    Dr. Samuel Brisbane, the Chief Medical Doctor at Liberia's leading hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center has become the latest casualty of the deadly Ebola virus. read more »

  • Liberia:  Doctor Faces Ebola Stigma After Survival

    FrontPageAfrica, 29 July 2014

    Dr. Melvin Korkor, a doctor of Phebe hospital, has beaten the odds and survived Ebola, but he still has one more problem: The stigma carried by the deadly disease. read more »

  • Liberia:  Sirleaf Announces Tough New Measures Against Ebola

    Liberia Government, 27 July 2014

    Special Statement by the Chair of the National Task Force on Ebola, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, following the first meeting of the Task Force at the President's Office today. read more »

  • Nigeria:  Dead Ebola Victim's Contacts Placed Under Surveillance

    Leadership, 29 July 2014

    As part of measures to avert the spread of the deadly ebola virus disease, no fewer than 59 contacts of the late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian patient who died of the disease ... read more »

  • Liberia:  JFK to Shut Down! Ebola Kills Chief Medical Doctor

    The New Dawn, 25 July 2014

    Authorities at the state run John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial Hospital here are said to be considering plans to shut down all activities at the hospital for 21-days due to the ... read more »