The West and the Rest of Us - Can Africa Escape Oppression?

According to Nigerian writer, Chinweizu Ibekwe, countries in the southern hemisphere that have been colonies of Europe and U.S for 500 years, may remain under the western domination in the 21st Century unless "they bestir themselves in the right manner and escape their chronic subjugation."

  • Africa:   The West and the Rest of Us - Part II

    Monitor, 4 February 2017

    The contemporary world order in which Africans are struggling against odds to find a place and role for the wananchi among nations was created from the ruins of the Second World… Read more »

A dam wall in Uganda.

  • Africa:   The West and The Rest of Us – Part I

    Monitor, 29 January 2017

    The West and the Rest of Us is a well-researched book written by Chinweizu, which I bought more than 30 years ago in 1984 at the Monthly Review Press in New York, a socialist… Read more »

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