Zimbabwe's Capital, The New Face Of Drug Addiction

Is the high unemployment rate fuelling a culture of drug use among the country's urban youth? This remains the main question as the abuse of prescription drugs and pills is on the increase among the youth in Harare.

  • Zimbabwe:   Harare's Drug Abuse Headache

    The Herald, 6 March 2017

    Abuse of prescription drugs and pills continues to be on the increase among youths in Harare, amid revelations that cross border traders are smuggling the substances into the… Read more »

A person taking BronCleer cough syrup. The syrup is used by drug abusers for a quick high.

  • Zimbabwe:   Cough Syrup Can't Get You High Anymore

    Zimbabwe Standard, 26 June 2016

    The abuse of BronCleer cough syrup to "get high" quickly mostly by urban youths is set to go down following action by its manufacturer Adcock Ingram South Africa which has launched… Read more »