Bodies of Missing UN Workers Found in #DRCongo

Government spokesperson, Lambert Mende, says that the remains of Michael Sharp, Zaida Catalan and Betu Tshintela have been found at a site next to the Moyo River in Kasai province.

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Bodies of Missing UN Investigators Found

    VOA, 29 March 2017

    The bodies of two missing United Nations investigators and their interpreter have been found in the central part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Two UN Workers Kidnapped

    Al Jazeera, 13 March 2017

    Two United Nations workers from peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been kidnapped by unknown assailants in the central Kasai region. Read more »



  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Bodies May Be Those of Disappeared UN Workers

    Al Jazeera, 28 March 2017

    Three bodies - including those of a male and female Caucasian - have been found in Congo's Kasai-Central province, the government said on Tuesday, and are suspected to be those of… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   No Word On Missing UN Team

    HRW, 25 March 2017

    The Democratic Republic of Congo government should fully cooperate with United Nations efforts to locate a UN Group of Experts team that has been missing since March 12, 2017, in… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Spokesman Criticizes UN After Kidnappings

    VOA, 16 March 2017

    The government spokesman in the Democratic Republic of Congo has criticized the United Nations after two U.N. officials were kidnapped in the center of the country Sunday. The… Read more »

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