Nutrition Matters - Kenya

Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Publication Date:
1 October 2012

Nutrition security is a human right; It is the basis for economic, social and human development. Good nutrition throughout the lifecycle is a prerequisite to good health, which adds quality to life and contributes to healthy ageing. A healthy population and productive workforce reinforce sustainable national growth.

Optimal nutrition ensures proper development of a child’s brain and body cells, enabling them to grow into productive adults who can contribute to the development of their society. The health and general wellbeing of pregnant women and those in their reproductive years determines the health of the children they bear. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, affects the physical and mental health of a child, predisposes them to weakened resistance to illnesses throughout their lifetime and inhibits full intellectual ability. Poor nutrition inhibits the populace from flourishing, thus
undermining national prosperity.


On The Nutrition Frontlines in Kenya

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