Thousands Around the Globe Celebrate Obama's Win

NTV Uganda
NTV Uganda
Publication Date:
8 November 2012
Uganda, Governance, United States, Canada and Africa

The 44th President of the U.S.A says he is more determined and inspired than ever about the work he has to do for his country this second term in office. Obama carried a popular vote victory in the key states of Colorado, Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Virginia. He won with 309 electoral college votes while his Republican contender Mitt Romney got 206 electoral college votes. Obama's acceptance speech was watched by millions around the world. In Uganda, from Tuesday evening, Americans and a host of Ugandans were following events from the Nsambya based American Embassy. America's ambassador to Uganda Scot DeLisi, the chairman of the Uganda electoral commission Badru Kiggundu and many Ugandan politicians were part of the excitement.