Son of Former Kenyan President Arrested

Kenya Citizen TV
Kenya Citizen TV
Publication Date:
26 November 2012
Kenya, Governance, Legal and Judicial Affairs

Former President Daniel Moi's son, Philip Moi, was arrested at his Nairobi home over the ongoing upkeep dispute with his estranged wife, Rosanna Pluda. Philip Moi was to be arraigned in court but he did not appear as he was being questioned at the Flying Squad offices in the Nairobi-area police station for most of the afternoon. He was, however, released after paying 600,000 shillings in alimony to his estranged wife. Evelyn Wambui reports.


Son of Former Kenyan President Arrested, Released

Philip Moi, son of former President Daniel Moi, was arrested for failure to pay maintenance and child support to his estranged wife. Moi was later released after paying 600,000 ... Read more »