Deal or No Deal for Leading Kenyan Candidates?

Kenya Citizen TV
Kenya Citizen TV
Publication Date:
27 November 2012
Kenya, Governance, Legal and Judicial Affairs

It was a case of deal and then no deal after The National Alliance party (TNA) dispatched a statement to newsrooms declaring that it had sealed a deal to form a pre-election coalition with the United Republican Party (URP), only to issue another curious statement a few hours later to clarify that the deal was not done and that the talks were ongoing. So, is there a deal between TNA and URP? Well, sources told Citizen TV that the deal was indeed done, only that URP took exception to the manner in which TNA decided to make the announcement, insisting that any such deal should be announced by the leaders of the two parties. Apart from a few sticking points, the pre-election coalition agreement will be ready for signing ahead of the Tuesday deadline.