Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 50

African Spotlight
Publication Date:
1 December 2012
Nigeria, Arts, Culture and Entertainment

In her 50th episode of Keeping it Real, Adeola pays tribute to the late strong man of Kwara State politics, Olusola Saraki, she vehemently defends Saraki against corruption allegations. Adeola also visits her favorite African leader, Jacob Zuma who is making animal sacrifices to ensure that he wins a second term as president of South Africa.

She features the world's poorest president Jose Mujica of Uruguay, and shows how he copes with driving an old VW Beetle while giving away 90 percent of his salary to charitable organizations. She compares this president with African presidents who live in luxury without providing basic amenities for their citizens.

Lastly, Adeola addressed the $3 billion locomotive which the Nigerian government calls 'light rail' under construction in Abuja since 2006. She compares it with less expensive light rails in other parts of the world.