Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 58

African Spotlight
Publication Date:
2 February 2013
Nigeria, Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Find out what happens in Nigeria when a N2 billion thief was sentenced to two years in prison with an option of paying quarter of a million to go free. The same week, a N17,000 thief was sentenced to three years in prison with no option of fine.

So the first lady of Zimbabwe wants to enlarge her empire. Listen to the luxurious extensions she want to make, forcing 300 farmers out of job. Meanwhile, Adeola takes you through the extravagant life-style that warrants her nick name: Gucci Grace.

A Television director in Benin is now serving 3 months in jail for airing a program that insults Mr. President. Is Benin really transitioning to Democracy?

Adeola also takes you to Thailand where some women are desperate to have bigger breasts, and find out what some men are doing to attract women.

Also, Nigeria now ranks the worst place for a baby to be born in 2013; find out the basis of this ranking.