Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 59

African Spotlight
Publication Date:
9 February 2013
Nigeria, Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Is it possible that Nigerian president would tell a white lie in an interview? This week on Keeping it real, CNN goes on the streets of Lagos to find out if President Jonathan's claims of stable electricity was true or false.

How do African governments and private sectors treat our inventors? Find out why a 14-year-old boy from Sierra Leone was invited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and why a 13-year-old boy is being celebrated in Kenya. Meanwhile, a 36-year-old inventor in Nigeria is neither celebrated nor known.

Adeola also celebrates the Super Eagles. She also features the art works of Kevin Okafor, the Nigerian fine artists whose works look like digital copies.

If you live in Ghana, find out why your money may not be safe at a particular bank, and why Ghanaian economy is doing better than that of Nigeria's.