Harlem Shake Viral Video Prompts Single Hit

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Publication Date:
16 February 2013
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It is the latest dance craze to go viral with reports of over 12,000 videos of the Harlem Shake posted online in the last month.

The dance named after the area in New York actually began back in the 1980s. The latest version is an electronic track by Brooklyn DJ Baauer which is set to enter the UK singles chart.

Latoya Williams a Harlem resident says it reflects the area of New York which it is named after. "I think it's a neat dance. It has to do a lot with Harlem, a place that's about music. A lot of things that come from here are great, dancing, a lot of artists, so I think that it's great that it's a nice dance for kids to pass on."

Last December the dance craze "Gangnam Style" made history when it became the first video on You Tube to reach 1 billion views.

Harlem Shake may have a bit to go but it has caught the imagination of a eclectic range of fans -the staff of the Museum Natural History in Halifax in Canada have been seen in one version. So go on - get moving