Rape as Torture in the DRC: Sexual Violence Beyond the Conflict Zone

Freedom from Torture
Publication Date:
2 June 2014
Congo-Kinshasa, NGOs and Civil Society, Legal and Judicial Affairs, Human Rights, Women and Gender

The report is based on an analysis of 34 medico-legal reports, which suggests that government security forces have used rape and sexual violence to torture politically active women in the DRC since 2006; and reveals the physical and psycho-logical consequences the women have suffered. Our findings indicate that sexual violence in the conflict zone of the DRC is connected to sexual violence beyond war situations, specifically the use of rape as a form of torture by the DRC's security services, including the army and intelligence agencies in Kinshasa and elsewhere in the country.


Rape Spreads Beyond Congo War Zones

A new report by the British charity, Freedom from Torture, indicates that sexual violence in conflict zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo is connected to sexual violence ... Read more »