Hilarious! What Do Nigerians Do When It Rains?

Publication Date:
13 September 2017
Nigeria, Arts, Culture and Entertainment

It's the rainy season in Nigeria, and with bad infrastructure and climate change, the rains seems to only be getting worse - with serious flooding across the major cities and countryside.

When it rains, the roads flood, shops close, the power switches off, the DSTV signal is disrupted, and even your mobile network signal is not good to browse the internet.

So, BattaBox Presenter Warri Pikin wanted to find out - what do Nigerians do to amuse themselves when it rains in Nigeria? "I swear, Monkey Ynash - na Woman - comes to my mind," says on Lagos trader in the market. "Nothing will come into my mind, I'll just go to bed and sleep," says one young girl indignantly.

"Na normal thing that comes to human mind when it rains in Nigeria," says a Nigerian market women. "That's sex!" "Rains in Nigeria means weather for two" says another lady with a big smile. "My boyfriend must be around when it rains." So, we are now wondering - how many of Nigeria's new born babies are conceived in the rainy season? But not everyone thinks of sex when it rains in Nigeria. "I will just go to my room and smoke," says one young man. "I will drink coffee and use a blanket to cover myself when in rains in Nigeria," says another guy. "I will boil water for a bath," says a young woman. Rainy season in Nigeria lasts about three months from June to September, but in recent years the climate has become more erratic. NASA have predicted that the models and effects of climate change have been underestimated, especially in the tropics and places like Nigeria. This year, at least 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes across Nigeria because of heavy flooding, especially in places like Benue state. President Buhari said he "will make available all assistance" to the victims, but President Buhari and the Nigerian government have faced criticism over their slow reaction to the devastation of heavy rains and floods across the country. Photographs shared on social media show homes and farms completely submerged by water, as their owners walk by foot carrying their belongings. And in 2012, Nigeria suffered some of its worst floods for many years across 30 of its 36 states from heavy rains, poor infrastructure, drainage, and the opening of dams in Cameroon.

Hundreds of people died and millions were forced out of their homes. Often the most shared photos on social media are from the Mega-City Lagos (with the fastest internet!) is one of the biggest cities on earth, but at least half of the city's population of 15million people live only two meters above sea level, and are thought to be at serious risk as water levels rise.

What do you do when the rains in Nigeria - the rainy season! - are too heavy to go outside?