"Providing electricity to a country like Sudan required investment on a massive scale. In 2002, the Kuwait Fund initially committed $100 million to a government plan to build the Merowe hydroelectric dam. In 2008, the Fund committed a further $100 million for the completion of the $2 billion project."

"With an increasingly erratic climate, subsistence farmers in Gambia face the constant risk of drought or floods. The Kuwait Fund is supporting projects to regulate water supply through a system of canals. Now farmers in Gambia no longer have to fear the unpredictable climate."

"Throughout the developing world, the Kuwait Fund responds to the need for relief operations, finding long term solutions in the wake of disasters. The Kuwait Fund - helping people help themselves."

"Over the last 20 years, the Kuwait Fund has loaned over $173 million to the Egypt Social Fund for Development. More than a million people have benefited from these loans. The scheme has been very successful. Over 90% of the loans have been repaid."