20 July 2009
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MAP International, Inc. Presents at the World Bank

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Featured Company as Public Private Partnership Success - e-Development Thematic Group at the World Bank

On Tuesday, 2 June, MAP International Chairman Mr. Michael Landau presented to the World Bank – ‘Transforming Under-Served Markets Through Mobile Technologies’. Mr. Landau detailed the MAP International mobile banking solution targeting the unbanked and under-banked, which features a true bank account and offers a full suite of financial services. Attendees included the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank GICT Policy Experts, and the World Bank Institute.

“Mobile banking serves as a cornerstone for broader functions,” Mr. Landau explained. “We have to start thinking creatively about what the electronic financial infrastructure and access points throughout the country can mean for other applications, such as liquidity of health information, supply chain management, and availability of educational materials.”

The World Bank presentation meeting was organized by Mr. Oleg Petrov, Coordinator of the e-Development Thematic Group at the World Bank and Mr. Andi Dervishi, Investment Officer with the IFC. MAP International was featured as a model Public Private Partnership, in large part due to its successful “on the ground” programs in Uganda initiated in December 2008.

“In a space that has no shortage of non-operational activity and promises, MAP International is achieving tangible results enabling governments to transform the lives of its people.” stated Mr. Dervishi. “Furthermore, at a time when donor and investing bodies are seeking to leverage their capital to maximize developmental impact, companies like MAP International contribute valuable on the ground knowledge and experience about what projects are viable, when they should be sequenced, and how they can be maximally leveraged.” Mr. Dervishi concluded.

MAP is currently operational in Uganda, where it has completed two phases of ATM deployments, with an installed base of agent-based Point of Sale terminals, serving as access points to the full MAP family of financial and banking offerings.

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