9 August 2018

Ethiopia: Hope for Peace, Justice...

Rule of law brings hope for peace, justice, and hope for a day when right will always conquer might. Hope for a day when truth will always overcome deceit, hope for a day when love will truly be the highest law of the land

For any election to be peaceful, fair and democratic and generally to be successful, media outlets must do their share and contribute positively. Same will be true for the upcoming Ethiopian election. Fair and professional media will among others enhance the media's own reputation. Therefore, the information they disseminate should not solely rely on a single source with no attempt to independently confirm the stories or entertain the version and views of the other side. Most importantly, the media should refrain from being biased. Accuracy is essential for any information to be credible, reliable and beneficial but most often than not some media outlets lack objectivity, fairness, balance and impartiality expected from professional journalists. As a result, most media outlets vis-à-vis the Ethiopian election and developmental progress have by and large been a blend of uninformed opinion, speculations and biased accounts with full of generalizations and presented no substantive or concrete evidences to corroborate the veracity of their written account or to support its provocative assertions and accusations. Hope they will correct that for the upcoming Ethiopian election. In order to strengthen and optimize the ongoing economic and political reforms in Ethiopia and ensure continuity of the prevailing enabling environment for development and growth and for achieving the desired results of the major development ventures currently under implementation, it is critical that the media continue supporting the estimable initiatives of the Government of Ethiopia. Unbiased and knowledge based information and responsible journalism is thus very important in informing the public at large on the ongoing socio-economic and political reality of the country.

Democratization, good governance, on poverty alleviation and sustainable development are mattersof survival and not matters of choice to the public at large. Therefore, there is no turning back on those hard fought values and norms. No one should have any doubt on that and most importantly, no one must be misled by few negative propagandists in that regard. Therefore, it is important that governmental and non-governmental organizations alike and the media build confidence on the democratic process flourishing in Ethiopia and continue their cooperation and collaboration in order to further reinforce peace, stability and good governance in the country.

Generally, by understanding the rules by which we are governed, we can avoid the horrible problems that plagued us. By applying the principles of due process and the rule of law we can stop the seething discontent that continues to afflict us with so many social problems today. Rule of law brings hope for peace, hope for justice, and hope for a day when right will always conquer might. Hope for a day when truth will always overcome deceit._ Hope for a day when love will truly be the highest law of our land.

The Rule of Law is threatened today by seemingly innocent schemes of ambitious individuals and /or groups who seek to undermine the principles of due process for the sake of grasping power that will decree what law is and enforce its edicts with unbridled force. The Rule of Law decrees that Law shall govern us according to the will of the People. The Rule of Law is worthy of our highest aspirations and dedicated efforts as a united people. We must understand the laws of the land and be able to respect and be governed by the constitution of the land. Further, a civilized society does not rush to violence and destruction. It opts for construction and development endeavors instead. The role of the media should therefore follow the same way. By doing so, media outlets can play their part in making our nation a safer place to live and a safer place for future generations.

Here, the role of the elderly vis-à-vis ways and means of resolving disputes and conflicts is instrumental; therefore, such type of role must be given high priority. Since indigenous elders possess a proven track record of being peace and since they are neutral and respected by any party as well as the society at large, their role within the society can be of a significant importance and thus their involvement is not only important but indeed indispensable therefore, they must get the due attention.

Any unrestrained political wrangling has the potential to trigger widespread social turmoil, nation-wide insecurity and political uncertainties that could unravel the very fabric of our society. And that is exactly what worries many patriotic and concerned Ethiopians at present. At this critical time, political parties on both sides of the political divide are required to exercise considerable restraint, tolerance and willingness to compromise. The parties are legally and morally bound to refrain from any action or activity that may adversely influence the situation on the ground. Therefore, they should cease activities that could further antagonize public sentiments or fuel the flames of discord. It is believed that increased global integration creates a conducive and enabling environment for the international community to create a positive setting for poverty eradication and livelihood improvement for millions of less fortunate people in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. Further, this will help narrow economic disparities and increase global integration between the rich and the poor countries. Unbiased and professional journalists have an important role to play in that regard.

Generally, the Ethiopian people are fed up with conflicts and wars and languages of violence. Instead, they are busy focusing on poverty reduction and venture of development and they have an uphill battle to conquer that. They are thus keeping their eyes on the price and the price is peace; for, without peace, nothing can be achieved.




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