Zimbabwe: 'A Circus Called MDC-Alliance'

Opposition foes Nelson Chamisa and Thkozani Khupe (file photo).
22 April 2020

The opposition in Zimbabwe is a real circus. In 2008, the electorate voted for the opposition giving them a majority in Parliament. When they joined Government through a coalition arrangement, people began to see them for who they are; corrupt and self-serving leaders.

A simple analysis will show that from 2013, the opposition has been losing ground to the ruling party.

They had the majority in 2008 and today ZANU PF has well over two thirds in Parliament. Why, because the Zimbabwean electorate is educated and can analyse issues.

The GNU, handling of local authorities under their purview, grasp of simple issues and how they generally handle their internal contradictions greatly exposed the opposition.

For the sake of space and time, this article seeks to explore one aspect which I consider to be part of issues that led to the downfall of the opposition -- failure to grasp simple issues. Not going too far back because one can actually do a thesis based on that fact.

After the 2018 elections, Mr Chamisa challenged the result claiming that he had evidence but was exposed live on television that he is a liar and a daydreamer.

Then only three weeks ago, the Supreme Court delivered a judgment in a matter the so-called people's president was the applicant.

What did he do after the judgment?

He went to town telling all those that care to listen that the judgment has nothing to do with him and will not affect the alliance. This exemplifies extreme shallowness.

I am sure anyone with a modicum of education has come across the famous saying by Edward Murphy that says: "Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

My view is that the Government must not bother to respond to people who act like idiots. These guys in the opposition are fools or should I say fools in Paradise.

Look at Madam Khupe's secretary-general, little known Nyikadzino acting as if the judgment is about her yet the lady was not even the applicant in the matter.

If truth be said, the judgment floored both Mr Chamisa and Madam Khupe as their respective congresses after the death of Tsvangirai were declared illegal by Justice Mushore's ruling.

That illegality can only by cured by an extra congress as directed by the court. Before the 2014 structures are recalled, Khupe and her MDC-T are already making statements, suspending people. That is pathetic, shallow and a self-defeating move. Come on Madam Khupe! I thought you were better than Chamisa. Yes, through your appointed spokesperson, the nation can be updated of your plans to fully comply with the order.

Madam Khupe, the involvement of your MDC-T structures to elect a president for Tsvangirai's MDC-T is illegal and a contempt of court and for that the members who are the real beneficiaries of the order will take you to the cleaners.

It is either you are in or out, this is an order of the courts and nothing can be done outside a legal variation of the order. In the same vein, neither the members nor the applicant, the organising secretary of Gokwe can involve themselves in this order without seeking a variation. It is that simple Madam Khupe. It will do you no harm to acknowledge that in terms of the order the only secretary-general is Mr Mwonzora. Politics has no permanent friends, the faster you learn that the sooner you will become a better politician.

Then you have a grouping that calls itself a political party by the name of MDC-Alliance and their hired assassins.

This is a party devoid of any discernible ideology. So we should refer to them as they are -- a protest movement. The characters in MDC-Alliance are going all over saying the judgment has nothing to do with the Alliance when they were the applicants.

Mr Chamisa, as a lawyer, should know that such behaviour is a serious act of misconduct and punishable at law. It gets worse when the Alliance's secretary-general Mr Charlton Hwende announces that the Alliance has a constitution. Of course, Mr Hwende seemed to have taken a cue from one crazy Professor Jonathan Moyo. Moyo was the first to say MDC-Alliance is a stand-alone party and has its own constitution from as far back as 2018.

This is a fallacious argument and a statement that will only make someone a guest of Chikurubi because that's a clear case of admission of fraud, involving $7 million that the Alliance received on the pretext that they were MDC-T. We all know the Alliance had no constitution, but an agreement. The evidence to prove otherwise is there. But hey, its fool's paradise, like the old saying, chickens, they always come home to roost.

These MDC-Alliance leaders will wake up to reality after the lockdown. First, there is going to be a legal eviction of the Alliance from Morgan Tsvangirai House, something that Mr Chamisa and his backers are fighting to avoid. For Mr Chamisa, everything else is peripheral. Madam Khupe can do anything -- have her congress and the name MDC-T but not the takeover of Morgan Tsvangirai House. However, this is unavoidable because everyone knows the building is MDC-T, whoever is a resident must be MDC-T and needs to have the goodwill of Tsvangirai.

The takeover of Morgan Tsvangirai House will be followed by recall of all the Members of Parliament who elect not to follow Khupe. The affidavits that the MPs are being forced to sign will not save Mr Chamisa. He is being misled by his hired goons. Best advice is for him to join Madam Khupe and fight another day.

Reality will soon set in if he does not take this unsolicited advice. He is still young. After the 2023 elections the congress due then might reconsider him after a thorough beating of the MDC-T by ZANU PF.

For this extraordinary congress, he is advised not to present his candidature for the post of president because he will definitely be kicked in the teeth.

The 2014 structures he dismantled on the advice of former ZANU PF members like Jonathan Moyo have not forgiven him. Outside the big tent of MDC-T, the weather is not so friendly. He can ask Ncube and Biti. Why do you think they are shouting the loudest? They know how cold it is out there! Because of the fear of the inevitable -- political oblivion -- they are in a fools' paradise convincing themselves that this judgment is moot and is not implementable and has nothing to do with the Alliance. Keep on dreaming.

Lastly, we have some who call themselves doctors -- the likes of Ruhanya and Shumba, just to mention a few who think ZANU PF is a party of fools. If it was, it would not have survived this long. No matter what they say or do from foreign lands, ZANU PF will not save Mr Chamisa through useless talks. Talk to him as who? He has no party. His ascendency to the throne of MDC-T was declared illegal. So legally, he is just an ordinary person like me.

What will a whole party with over two thirds majority in Parliament be talking or negotiating with an ordinary Zimbabwean?

Wake up and smell the coffee gentlemen, it's daytime now. It is time you stop dreaming and living in fool's paradise.

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