Nigerians Criticise Buhari for Blaming Middlemen for Rising Food Prices

Fuel, food and electricity hike in Nigeria.
3 September 2020

Many Nigerians on social media criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for blaming middlemen for rising food prices in the country.

Mr Buhari, in a series of tweets on Thursday via his verified handle said, to ease the current high cost of poultry production, he has approved the release of 30,000 tons of maize from the national reserves to animal feed producers.

Speaking further, the president noted that the government is conscious of the challenge of high food prices, amidst poor economy rocking the world due to the global coronavirus situation.

He, however, said middlemen, among other factors, are responsible for rising food prices.

"We are also engaging with food producers associations and groups to tackle the issue of exploitative behaviour by middlemen and other actors, which is one of the factors responsible for the high food prices being experienced," the Nigerian leader wrote.

We are also engaging with food producers associations and groups to tackle the issue of exploitative behaviour by middlemen and other actors, which is one of the factors responsible for the high food prices being experienced.

- Muhammadu Buhari (@MBuhari) September 3, 2020

Irate Nigerians

Angry Nigerians recalled that during his days as the military head, a defunct newspaper, Sunday Herald of January 29, 1984, quoted him to have blamed middlemen for the poor economy in Nigeria.

The Nigerians questioned why Mr Buhari, now a civilian president, was still blaming the unnamed middlemen for a similar crisis over three decades later.

See some of the reactions below:

You blamed middle men in 1984. You're still blaming middlemen in 2020. So much for a reformed democrat. 😪

- Lord Future 👑👑👑🦁 (@LibraLord88) September 3, 2020

If i am going to be honest with you ,in my own humble opinion without being sentimental of course, without offending anyone who thinks differently from my own point of view,but also by looking into this matter in distinctive perspective ,i would like to say i have nothing to say.

- Mr Nef (@Etukfrank1) September 3, 2020

I'm of the opinion that the recent increase in prices of electricity and just yesterday, PMS is one major reason for the skyrocketing price of food.

Even if food producers are to sell directly to the final consumer, processing and transportation will make it expensive.

- Haroun Ismail (@_Charkida) September 3, 2020

The hike of food items wsnt corona sir.its as the result of the insecurity across the country which affect rural community where does foot items are farm, many of does places and villages have relocated and few of them that are not are afraid to go to farm bcos of bandits

- MaZi OkOro 😎✌ (@DoOouGzMoNeY) September 3, 2020

Sir a lot of things are getting wrong.Since the advent of corona virus Nigerians have been experiencing high cost of goods and services till yesterday.Then on 1st of Sept there was about 200% increase in energy tariff.Just yesterday 2nd of Sept another increase in price of pms.

- David Adebiyi (@DavidAdebiyi7) September 3, 2020

My president this is too much for Nigerians to bear.The main reason I voted for you is because I trust you and I know you are going to alleviate our suffering in iam writing this text to you iam weeping inside me.Standard of living is too high.Pls we need

- David Adebiyi (@DavidAdebiyi7) September 3, 2020

Me president you have followed different ways at your disposal to change the status quo but unfortunately no positive result. You should try diversifying your ways of approach and get the right people that expertise in economic growth to do the job.

- Ibrahim Ismail (@iilawaal) September 3, 2020

Didn't they teach economics in the Army when @MBuhari went to school? Simple economics, if the cost of production is high, the selling price will be high too... With increase in fuel price, it means producers will pay more to produce.

Bia Who is(are) the President's adviser(s)?

- Sir Ucheya Clinton (@ucheyaclinton) September 3, 2020

The issue of exploitation by middle men can be handled by introducing a method of which all retail and wholesaler of food make use of weighing scale and the government would give out the particular kilo and the price, also government can provide a body that would monitor that.

- ATTAH OF IGALA ✳️ (@Adejoh19901) September 3, 2020

With scaling method you don't need to price once for instance 1k of yam is 500 that would be the standard price and if their is need for increment it would be controlled by the government.

- ATTAH OF IGALA ✳️ (@Adejoh19901) September 3, 2020

This matter started happening since 2016, we lost our hope on you Sir, we are only waiting silently until your regime is finished coming 2023.You knew about it but doing nothing since, a bag of rice from 7k to 25k over 5years, what exactly were you doing???

- Something Oxxy ✌️🤝💪💯 (@SomethingOxxy) September 3, 2020

What can a person do my brother, just pray to Allah make him bless with what to eat but as hope for PMB no even his followers lose hope, it's just him Nd his family are enjoying but the masses are suffering.

- Muhammad Wase (@MuhammadWase3) September 3, 2020

In as much as the middle men might be a factor in the price hike, I don't think that he is being entirely objective if he places the blame only on the middle men.

The govt. should own up to their flaws and admit that they have played a large part in the causing this whole wahala

- Uzor (@Oga_Uzor) September 3, 2020

The same thing you did in 1984 - blaming middlemen. There are basics to help cushion the strangulating times. Why increase petrol pump price? Why hike electricity tariff? Why budget stupendous amounts for non-essential things like $3.1bn for customs, $12bn for airport automation?

- 👑教授。博士DFP! -他們所有的新鮮。 (@bubeangel) September 3, 2020

This administration sleep alot on the challenges created as a result of Govt negligence toward economic challenge

- olutoyin kolawole (@olutoyinkolawo1) September 3, 2020

If you follow statistic the trend has been in negative before the pandemic. This administration must be proactive to the plight of the people not reactive

- olutoyin kolawole (@olutoyinkolawo1) September 3, 2020

Buhari worried over food items... Solution: Increases petrol prices to N162/litre and Electricity tariff shoots higher by 100%. I think it's time to give the kids another lecture on Marxism/Communism. Who's ready? #TeamRecession #Change 🤔

- SEGA L'éveilleur®🚨 (@segalink) September 3, 2020

Sunday, January 29, 1984--Thursday ,September 3, 2020

Nothing has really changed.

Same Buhari, same blame tactics.He never accepts his incompetence.

- DEMAGOGUE PhD.💘senior advocat🎓 (@von_Bismack) September 3, 2020

No Nigerian President has enjoyed like Buhari.

Under him, Food Inflation at 15%, Rice at 26k now Fuel at N151.

And everyone is silent, no noise, no Protests, just waiting till 2023.

Nigerians are silent because we are ashamed of facing the consequences of our actions.

- William (@_SirWilliam_) September 2, 2020

Buhari is certainly looking for an excuse to flog traders with koboko again.I am with him. "Frog jump" the middlemen my able General!

- Somto Onuchukwu (@chosensomto) September 3, 2020

Buhari's achievements this year:

~ Surging food price due to anti-masses policies;~ Doubling electricity tariffs;~ Exponentially increasing petrol price;~ Spending billions on coronavirus palliatives with very few real beneficiaries;~ Making life more and more unbearable.

- Bulama Bukarti (@bulamabukarti) September 3, 2020

A tragedy foretold.

Buhari is the same yesterday, today & forever.

As Buhari was in 1984, so is he in 2020; failure without end.

Buhari lives by excuses & never gets anything done.

Buhari is neither competent nor teachable.

Check these reports: different dates, same misery.

- Inibehe Effiong (@InibeheEffiong) September 3, 2020

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