Ethiopia: Say No to 'They Think Therefore I Am'


It is crystal clear that we human beings are reason based creatures and possess a number of characters. Of these characters which make us reason-based are, among others: thinking before decision, not being instinct-minded as the remaining animals are, expressing our likes and dislikes, loving or loathing whether our reason is logical or not.

In general, we can say that human being is explanation based animal though there are good or bad, acceptable or non-acceptable reasons which come either from the rational mind set or from our self-centered style. It is hard to conclude about human beings with some words or phrases since we have predominantly been changing our minds based on time, technology, political orientation, material wealth, religion, social life and other related factors.

There were many historical events in which the mass was given the way to think based on few finger counted politicians interest. At this time also many of us are forced to think about what few want instead of let our mind develop the free will to think. These individuals can be the so called activists, politicians or religious leaders.

I do believe that many of them are good at hacking their followers mind and drive them to think only in a single basket state of mind. They systematically force the mass to think either based on language, ethnic group, religion, or any other issues which can carry artificial group identity or temporary superiority. Alienating your group from others and making yourself their number one brand becomes a political movement or the simplest way to be on the shoulder of others.

Their motto is "No universal or national social capital rather building your own followers as you want" is more profitable like new brand products. For real observers, this might not be the sign of being dynamic rather it is the commencement of towering ignorance and leading the mass into darkness but for those who are doing it; is not like this. May be in the past, the concept of social capital has received a consider¬able amount of attention but now there is totally new ways of building a generation who is ready to consider a number of individuals with the quality of omnipotent and omniscient.

After looking such a new chapter of our world, I think that social capital is covered by few figure countered people whom they themselves consider as a better group than the remaining society considering the issue as social integrity under the framework of social values and social identity.

It was the French philosopher René Descartes who concluded that, "I think therefore I am" It means that everyone is the result of thier own thinking. But now a days, if you are good at filtering what is going on, the issue is too controversial to bear since there is a huge shift of thinking. It seems to me that thinking becomes a collective quality than the power of a single individual and become against to Descartes' idea. "I think therefore we are" or "I think therefore you are" become new ways to red handed groups especially the youth so as to make them under the system of mind slavery instead of creating their own ways through considering some as role models.

The question is how far we know that the mind can control everything we think and we respond to according to the way we think. Let us give the chance for the current at the same time for the coming generation not only the free will to think but also the free will to control others negative thought.As a social animal; we need to increase the quality of challenging even our own thoughts for the sake of being out of self-prison.

Why you try to blind the power of your thinking and let someone direct your mind?

Don't forget the mind is the dominant thing in your body! The time is totally changing from 'can you help me to can I help myself?' Always remember that invisible thought can bring visible positive results or negative consequences which may either kill or cure the future generation, too. Mind is a battle place in which an individual can create his or her personal identity or can give a birth for future dreams.

Some sayings or proverbs can advise us more than a volume book. If you sow a thought, you will reap an action and your action makes you a good militant of habit. Your habit can tell every people who you really are.

Such kinds of piece of advices give us the chance to become good positive thinker revolutionaries than being under the trap of others who are ready to move us from idea to idea all the way through their technical remote control. Assume that the same God made brains, the one is putting itself as a good master while the other is acting as a good servant.

All people can think about something like social life, politics, economy, religion or any other issues but it should have also the quality to think rather than following the path of radicalism. A good thinker is a good meditator. They think and meditate the idea for some times through looking into the positive and the negative results.

It's scientifically proven that even a small dose of negative power can change a person's brain operating system and diminishes empathy. Don't give a fraction of chance for someone to rape your natural ways of thinking. Thinking is not a manmade product or a kind of commodity that you receive from others. Others can show you the wisdom of thought but they can't force or influence you to think as they want.

If you are not the results of your own thoughts as René Descartes' point of view, you have to accept that you are an artificial intelligence of someone in which you develop behaviors and habits according to others not as you think. Because your life principle is not "I think therefore I am" rather "They think therefore I am".

So, you always pass the time till others think for you at any of your life purpose. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that you are not the biological father of your ideas and thoughts rather you adopt them. You are either a step father or a nanny of your daily habit. Your brain is under the system of slavery and at the same time you are not the one who sows your ideas but you are forced to reap them since the whole of you is under others' channel.

Philosophy teaches us in rationalism thought how knowledge of the world is acquired through the use of reason, not based on the unreliability of the senses. At the same time the great philosopher Aristotle stated that "knowledge is recollection". In this case he means that everything is in your mind unless you are not powerful enough to use it. Coming to René Descartes, for him "true knowledge or truth requires certainty; there can be no room for doubt".

All in all, both psychology and philosophy teach us to be in the state of reason than leading our mind in to darkness while there are millions chances before we reflect radicalism. In the political world, an individual must not trust what is seen or experienced or what has been told unless they stand to analyze every single issue. Being judgmental without seeing issues from different direction is not the true sign of social animals.

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