Zimbabwe: Youth Service Re-Introduction Laudable

16 April 2021


The re-introduction of the National Youth Service Programme (NYSP) by Government has come at a most opportune time, when there is spike in unpatriotic behaviour by gullible and vulnerable youths, who are being abused by political malcontents to destabilise the country.

The programme is designed to "equip youths, who comprise persons between the ages of 18 and 35 years with patriotism, discipline, volunteerism, survival skills, hard work, loyalty, tolerance, resilience, determination and honesty."

This is an excellent skills set that would ready youths to tackle the travails of adulthood, setting the stage for their future.

However, the opposition and Western embassies have jumped to criticise the re-introduction of the NYSP.

A bit of context would suffice.

The opposition leaders, and their principals -- the western embassies -- have been abusing youths to further their neo-imperial agenda to destabilise Zimbabwe.

The coterie of misguided youths, couched as activists, a euphemism for "cashvists" have become paid mercenaries to besmirch Zimbabwe.

"Cashvism" in this context refers to when a band of people is paid to push subversive agendas of the West, while trampling on the development agenda of Zimbabwe.

This lot is unfazed. It is determined. It is remorseless. It is dangerous to its own well-being. The motivation is the dirty dollars from the foreign embassies.

They are given trinkets to sustain their livelihoods. This is only possible because the gullible youths are vulnerable to the vicissitudes of life wrought on the generation following the imposition of sanctions by the West.

To put the discussion into perspective, of late there has been a chorus from these "cashvists" calling for the payment of further cash incentives, over and above the scholarships and dubious awards that are sprinkled on them.

Team Pachedu administrator and MDC Alliance activist, Freeman Chari, epitomises all that is wrong with the "political activism" in Zimbabwe's democracy.

In the wake of escalating arrests of errant youths such as Makomborero Haruzivishe, Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Denford Ngadziore and Gilbert Mutubiki, for habitually committing crimes under the guise of exercising their democratic rights, Chari is now seeking to turn wilful provocation of the law into an employment opportunity.

Chari tweeted a thread, where he said that, "if I had my way, everyone who is in jail for political reasons would be salaried. We have got to a stage where it becomes a badge of honour (being arrested). The team we have assembled for the Zimbabwe Solidarity Network is already looking for scholarships, internship opportunities abroad."

Chari added that, "all these people that are being detained, denied bail for frivolous reasons should actually earn more than the magistrates who are conniving to do it... we have already raised $400 in 10 hours, that is eight times what a Zanu troll makes in a month."

Another MDC Alliance activist, and former Tajamuka leader, Promise Mkwananzi, who was jettisoned from Tajamuka for embezzling funds, also tweeted that, "so many have done so much for this party in both quantifiable and unquantifiable ways. Some have laid down their lives, left kids and widows who need our protection for basic livelihood needs, not to be MPs or Councillors. Let us pose, think and reflect."

Dear reader, it is instructive that there is a palpable fear among sponsors of anarchy, that there is a sinking feeling of fatigue and receding zeal to execute criminal acts on their behalf.

Criminality comes with consequences such as incarceration.

Gullible youths have been used to create headlines, while the deep-pocketed monsters abuse the ill-named Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), itself their creation, to abuse the justice system to secure bail.

Most of the defiant youths are serial offenders, who are out on bail on multiple counts and infractions against the law which are more or less similar.

However, now that the justice system is wiser, it is now denying bail to multiple offenders, and even jailing others such as Haruzivishe.

Reality has since dawned on the gullible youths that they are pawns as Haruzivishe is now serving an effective 14-months jail term alone.

In fact, at the time he was sentenced, the MDC Alliance leadership led by the inciting Nelson Chamisa was in Bvukururu in Zaka, moving on with their lives, while simultaneously tweeting lame solidarity messages for political expedience.

It is sad. It is evil. It is despicable. A whole life being destroyed by avaricious politicians.

Exacerbating his situation, Haruzivishe has a more serious pending charge of locking up and holding hostage Impala Car Hire employees.

With such bad orientation for the youths, the future looks bleak.

With adequate grounding through the national youths service programme, Haruzivishe may have made better decisions concerning his life and future.

It is ironical that their leaders do not engage in criminal acts and play it safe, while pushing them to do the dirty work.

Fellow youths, the New Dispensation has ushered in unfettered freedoms. It is allowed to differ politically, but that must happen within the confines of law.

If Haruzivishe had been exposed to the ethos of the NYSP, he would have a flourishing career and/or business, while practicing politics as a side hustle.

That way, he would not have been vulnerable to the dangerous whims and caprices of opposition leaders and western embassies. Democracy thrives on differences. There must be civil disputation, using democratic fora available in the country.

In order to re-activate, re-energise and re-invigorate the dissipating energy among youths, the funders of anarchy are mobilising for more incentives for them.

Salaries are even being mooted. Soon, Zimbabwe's jails would be brimming with youths, seeking "incarceration employment".

This time, they will not bother applying for bail as it would be more profitable to remain inside.

The NYSP comes at an opportune time to inculcate patriotism, discipline, hard work, tolerance, survival skills, among many other virtues.

This would set the base for youths to succeed and not be susceptible to manipulation and abuse.

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