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GE Africa (Lagos)

For this Company, Africa is Now a $4 Billion Business and Growing

According to Steve Bolze, Global President of GE and CEO of GE Power, "Africa for now is a $4 billion business for GE. It's a big business. It's going double digit." 35% of that amount is from GE's power business, indicating "GE is making a strong contribution to national power grids on the continent," he said. So far this year, seven of GE's top leaders have travelled to key African markets signaling GE's strong commitment to Africa. Here are more soundbites from what they've seen. Read more about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING

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Human Capital Is Essential - "...The first thing we think about is where’s the human capital going to come from to make this investment successful. We have the resources to provide a lot of our own training and capability, but we also share this with our customers and partners" - John Rice, vice chairman of GE in a recent interview with CNBC.

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“The shortage of skills in the workplace is a global phenomenon and not a challenge that is unique to the African continent” - Susan Peters, Senior Vice President for Human Resources at GE