Call for Global Pressure On Swaziland Govt

The international community has been urged to apply "serious pressure" on the government so that it "respects human rights and develops a genuinely democratic constitution".

  • Swaziland:   Call for Global Pressure On Govt

    Swazi Media, 30 June 2016

    Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) has called on the international community to apply serious pressure on the Government of Swaziland so that it respects human rights and develops… Read more »

Swaziland anti-govt protests (file photo).

  • Swaziland:   No Amnesty in 'Terror' Cases

    Swazi Media, 27 June 2016

    Swaziland refused to withdraw all charges against people brought under the Suppression of Terrorism Act (STA), when it appeared before a United Nations review of human rights in… Read more »

  • Swaziland:   Swazi Game Rangers 'Shoot to Kill'

    Swazi Media, 28 June 2016

    People are being shot and killed in Swaziland because they are suspected of poaching and game rangers are immune from prosecution, a United Nations review on human rights has been… Read more »

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