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GE Africa (Lagos)

Algerian Students Get to 3D Print Their Graduation Projects

A GE Garage, located at the Sylabs co-working space in Algiers, offered a select group of Algerian students the opportunity to prototype their graduation projects using 3D printers and laser cutters - technologies at the heart of faster, leaner, more "democratic" production that reduces the cost and time involved in prototyping. Among the projects 3D printed was the robotic operating system for a drone. More on GE in Africa in this BRIEFING

In the context of the I.D.E.A. initiative, GE has brought its GE Garages workshop to Algeria. GE Garages uses real equipment – including 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters and injection molders – to provide hands-on demonstrations of how these tools and technologies are changing the nature of manufacturing.

In manufacturing, it’s essential to prototype new products, devices or pieces of equipment before producing it on a larger scale or for final implementation. So Algerian students in Algiers were excited by the opportunity to 3D print their graduation projects at a GE Garages workshop in Algiers.