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GE Africa (Lagos)

A Store for Sharing Technology and 'Shopping' for Innovation

The GE Store is where GE teams "shop" for tech innovation. The store is meant to encourage horizontal thinking among GE teams in Africa and around the world by exposing them to each other's work across the different businesses that make up GE's vast digital, industrial ecosystem. As a result a team can be inspired to take the X-ray technology developed by GE Healthcare, break it down and adapt it for use thousands of feet below the ocean's surface to inspect oil pipelines for cracks and corrosion. Find out more about the GE Store and GE's new Africa Innovation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. More about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING.

Photo: GE Africa

GE’s workers often get bogged down with projects, not benefiting from the knowledge and research gathered by their colleagues that could be perfectly suited to enhancing their work. GE hopes to remedy this with the development of the GE Store.