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As More Africans Take Flight, Find Out What Powers Boeing Engines

According to World Bank ICAO statistics, sub-Saharan Africa's share of airline passengers grew from 27 million in 2009 to 45 million in 2015. GE plays a huge role in Africa's aviation industry. GE Aviation provides engines for over 80% of the Ethiopian Airlines fleet. GE also powers 60% of EgyptAir's 80-aircraft fleet - in fact, every 9 minutes an aircraft equipped with GE technology takes off in Egypt. GE Reports' Tomas Kellner revisits the history of GE Aviation--which is today a $24 billion business--and recounts how GE became the main developer of engines for Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Read more. More about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING.

Photo: Boeing

When Ethiopian Airlines acquired its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner in August 2012, it became the second airline in the whole world to own and operate the long-range, mid-size widebody, twin-engine jet airliner. To power its fleet of 787 Dreamliners, Ethiopian Airlines purchased GE Aviation's GEnx engines. Ethiopian Airlines is the first airline in Africa to fly GEnx-powered Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts.