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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Addis Ababa)

New Book Looks at 'Emerging Hubs of Excellence' in Africa

The Economic Commission for Africa's Carlos Lopes refers to the book Innovative Africa: Emerging Hubs of Excellence as a "must read" for "offering a refreshing alternative" to the "African Rising" narrative. The book through a medley of nine case studies, ranging from Nollywood's rise to Algeria's steel industry, advocates for a "Pan-African narrative and prospective framework of development that includes innovation systems," which point to an African "practice of self-reliance as opposed to dependency" or to facts Mr. Lopes has pointed to before like how the continent now accounts for "half of the world's mobile banking transcations." Read more. More on ECA in Africa in this BRIEFING

Photo: ECA

“Innovation Africa: Emerging Hubs of Excellence” is a must read. Authors, Olugbenga Adesida, Geci Karuri-Sebina and João Resende-Santos not only illustrate Africa’s experience with innovation to date but also point to its power for transformation - Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary Economic Commission of Africa