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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Addis Ababa)

'Debt in East Africa Rising, but Remains Manageable' - Report

In Eastern Africa, debt stocks have risen rapidly over the past five years, but debt ratios appear to remain manageable, according to the UNCTAD Economic Development in Africa 2016 Report on Debt Dynamics and Development Finance in Africa which was released in July in Nairobi during UNCTAD 14. The report analyses Africa's international debt exposure and how domestic debt is increasingly playing a role in some African countries as a development finance option, and also examines complementary financing options and how they relate to debt. Read more. More about the ECA in this BRIEFING.

Photo: ECA

The Economic Development in Africa Report 2016 examines some of the key policy issues that underlie Africa's domestic and external debt, and provides policy guidance on the delicate balance required between financing development alternatives and overall debt sustainability.