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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Addis Ababa)

Infant Mortality & Youth Unemployment Exclude North Africans

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) recently launched the first African Social Development Index report on North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia). The report in "measuring human exclusion for structural transformation" reveals that while growth has been fairly strong in North Africa, it has not necessarily translated into commensurate social outcomes. Read more. Download Report. More on ECA in this BRIEFING



Photo: ECA

The ASDI evaluates human exclusion (an individual’s inability to participate in and benefit from their country’s growth process) on the basis of six key dimensions of wellbeing: survival, health, education, employment, means of subsistence and a decent life after the age of 60. The ASDI can measure human exclusion across social groups, gender, living environment, within countries, between them, and over time.