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GE Africa (Lagos)

'Women will Lead Global Health'

In a recent article John Flannery, President and CEO at GE Healthcare, predicts that the global healthcare industry will propel more women into leadership roles. He points out that currently "only 38% of the top global health jobs are held by woman. While women contribute $3 trillion to the global healthcare industry, nearly half of their work is unpaid." GE Healthcare is already working to improve maternal health in Africa and the developing world by empowering more midwives. Read more. More on GE in Africa in this BRIEFING

GE Healthcare partnered with the Nigerian government and USAID to train 1,300 midwives on portable ultrasound equipment – impacting two million expectant mothers and helping drive down maternal-infant mortality rates in the coming years.

"...healthymagination Mother and Child programme is focusing on training and mentoring social entrepreneurs working on increasing the quality, access and affordability of maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby enabling more women and children to experience better health" - Jay Ireland, GE Africa president and CEO