Mediators Call for Peace in Mozambique

Ending insurgency is now dependent on the government and Renamo delegations accepting the mediators' proposals, and there is no guarantee of when will this will happen.

  • Mozambique:   Mediators Call For Peace

    AIM, 7 November 2016

    The international team mediating the talks taking place in the Joint Commission set up between the Mozambican government and the Renamo rebels has proposed that a truce be declared… Read more »

View of Maputo, Mozambique.

  • Mozambique:   Mediators, Governors Proposal also Calls for Truce

    Mozambique News Reports & Clippings, 7 November 2016

    Principles for provincial governance, drafted by the mediators and agreed by Renamo and government, were published yesterday (4 Nov) by Savana. They are billed as "orientations for… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   More Assassinations, Suspect Escapes

    Mozambique News Reports & Clippings, 7 November 2016

    Juma Ramos, head of the Renamo group in the Sofala Provincial Assembly where Renamo holds a majority of seats, was gunned down Sunday 30 October. He was also Renamo head of… Read more »


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