Addis Ababa's Tourist Numbers and Revenue on the Rise

782, 000 tourists visited Addis Ababa and spent U.S.$1.9 billion during the past nine months, the city's culture and tourism bureau says.

Ethiopia - Land of Origins.

  • Ethiopia:   Tapping the Untapped Tourism Potential

    Ethiopian Herald, 7 July 2017

    For over half a century, tourism has been constantly expanding at a slower pace. Today this trend appears to be irreversible. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Why Ethiopia Is the 'Land of Origins'?

    Ethiopian Herald, 23 June 2017

    A year elapsed since Ethiopia changed its national tourism motto: 'Thirteen Months of Sunshine' to the 'Land of Origins'. The former tourism motto served over a century in… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Council Sets to Increase Tourist Inflow - City Mayor

    Ethiopian Herald, 23 June 2017

    The ever increasing Ethiopian airlines destinations, high standards of tourist facilities and public-private partnership towards tourism development have augmented tourist influx… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   University to Expand Tourism Sites

    Ethiopian Herald, 21 June 2017

    Aksum University started off on the right foot to expand tourism spots around the town of Aksum, University Tourism and Archaeology Institute Director Dr. Hiluf Berhe told The… Read more »

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