Beating Poverty in Africa - Where to Start

Beating poverty in Africa will require finely-tuned interventions to overcome the wide variety of factors hindering development, including targeted action in areas ranging from from health and education to the improvement of living standards by providing efficient cooking fuel and safe drinking water. Helping to pinpoint the action needed, development economists at Oxford University in Britain, working with the UN Development Programme, have published a new study which identifies, country by country and region by region, the nature and intensity of the wide variety of deprivations which each poor person experiences. AllAfrica reports on their findings.

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  • Africa:   Half the World's Poor are Children

    OPHI, 17 July 2017

    New Oxford University research on global poverty exposes disturbing extent of the challenges facing UN's new Sustainable Development Goals over the eradication of child poverty. Read more »


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Ann-Sophia ekes out a living by hairdressing.

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