IMF Calls for Mozambique to Come Clean on Secret Debts

As they end a 10-day mission to Mozambique, the International Monetary Fund officials have expressed dissatisfaction with the continuing uncertainty about debts built up by state-owned companies from loans by foreign banks including Credit Suisse. The government has not done enough to explain how U.S.$2 billion in loans was spent and roughly a quarter of the money remains unaccounted for.

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    Mozambique News Reports And Clippings, 21 July 2017

    The full Kroll report on the secret debt must be published and the IMF also demands information on the use of the U.S.$2 billion loan money, it confirmed at a press conference in… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   IMF Staff Concludes Visit

    IMF, 20 July 2017

    An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Michel Lazare visited Mozambique from July 10-19, 2017 to discuss with the authorities measures needed to follow up on the… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   Thumbs Down From IMF

    Mozambique News Reports And Clippings, 20 July 2017

    The IMF mission which left Mozambique yesterday rejected what it had been offered by the government. The Kroll report on secret debt with its lack of "critical information" is… Read more »


Photo: World Bank

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