Rwanda's Unlawful Military Detention, Torture - HRW

Human Rights Watch has confirmed 104 cases of people who were illegally detained, and in many cases tortured or ill-treated, in military detention centers between 2010 and 2016; and has received several credible reports of cases in 2017, indicating that these violations have continued.

  • Rwanda:   Unlawful Military Detention, Torture

    HRW, 10 October 2017

    Rwanda's military has routinely unlawfully detained and tortured detainees with beatings, asphyxiations, mock executions, and electric shocks, Human Rights Watch said in a report… Read more »

  • Rwanda:   Interview - Military Tortured Civilians

    HRW, 10 October 2017

    Rwanda’s military has repeatedly tortured detainees, beating them, asphyxiating them, using electric shocks and even staging mock executions. Most of the people detained were… Read more »

Torture and unlawful military detention in Rwanda, 2010-2016.

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