How Invasive Weed Threatens Survival of Ethiopia's Lake Tana

Water hyacinth blocks waterways, making transportation and fishing difficult, as well as adversely affecting freshwater ecology.

  • Ethiopia:   Lake Tana: How an Invasive Weed Is Threatening Its Survival

    Addis Standard, 23 October 2017

    Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and the second largest in Africa. In recognition of the lake's rich biodiversity and significant cultural heritage, UNESCO added the lake… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Due Attention to Save Ethiopia's Largest Lake

    Ethiopian Herald, 3 August 2017

    Experts concerned over the 'disproportionate response' given to save Lake Tana that came under encroachment by water weed, dubbed as hyacinth in what they described the situation… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Rescuing Lake Tana

    Ethiopian Herald, 3 August 2017

    The spread of an invasive alien species is neither easy to manage nor easy to reverse, threatening not only biodiversity but also economic development and human wellbeing.… Read more »

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