Cape Town Not Only African City Running Out of Water...

The annual rainfall in southern Africa doesn't seem to have changed much over the last century since measurements began. But it has become more variable: droughts and floods are more frequent than before. The region's urban authorities, industries, farmers and other citizens will have to adapt to these conditions, writes Andrew Slaughter and Sukhmani Mantel in the The Conversation.  This comes as Cape Town has its worst water shortage in 100 years, with 4 million residents experiencing water restrictions and are staring at #dayzero on May 11, 2018, when authorities say the taps will run dry. The rest of South Africa, including the Northern and Eastern Cape, are also experiencing severe drought and water shortages.

Albertina, 10, scoops water from a hole dug in the dry Lurio riverbed, in M’mele village in Mozambique.


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