Lightbulb Moment - Developing a Coffee Tourism Market in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee on the African continent, exporting most of its product to overseas markets. It makes sense then that 20 cities and towns have been identified as part of a plan to develop and promote coffee tourism in the country, with 16 of those cities having enormous investment potential, a local businessman has said.

Smelling the coffee

  • East Africa:   East Africa Smells the Coffee and Moves to Expand Market

    East African, 26 February 2018

    Growth and optimism are two terms that capture, first, the performance of East Africa's coffee sub-sector and, second, its future. Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Export Reform to Boost Forex From Coffee

    Ethiopian Herald, 16 November 2017

    Ethiopia has come up with new export reform to boost foreign exchange earnings from primary export commodities. The reform is set to introduce value addition and new marketing… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Not a Fair Price for Coffee Farmers in Ethiopia

    Thomson Reuters Foundation, 4 October 2017

    Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Coffee Dominates Commodity Trade

    Addis Fortune, 12 August 2017

    The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has traded commodities worth 1.1 billion Br in the month of July. Among the commodities, coffee took the significant share, contributing… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Book of Coffee

    Addis Fortune, 12 August 2017

    Sani Redi , director general of the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Market Development Authority, attended the launch of Yilma Yemane's book 'A Guide to Coffee Production in Ethiopia'… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Coffee Export Revenue - in the Making

    Ethiopian Herald, 18 July 2017

    Though Ethiopia is a country of the origin of coffee, it is not enjoying fair benefits from its resource. Hence, to increase both the quality and quantity of coffee export,… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   ECX Launches New Coffee Trading Reform

    Ethiopian Herald, 14 July 2017

    Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) announced a major reform on coffee trading deemed to safeguard the rights of producers and the commodity's originality. Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   Improving Quality to Enhance Agricultural Export

    Ethiopian Herald, 21 June 2017

    The amount of agricultural export commodity revenue obtained at the international market is though varied item to item, meeting the international quality standard has remained the… Read more »

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