Cape Town's Gang Violence 'Makes for Intolerable Living'

When fourteen-year-old Zinadene Pelton was shot in March 2017, his grandmother found him in the street. "He was lying with his backpack still on his back. We picked him up and rushed him to the hospital. But, even as he lay here, I could see he was already gone," she says. Zinadene's death in March 2017 is one more illustration of Cape Town's sorry title as South Africa's murder capital - with gang violence a key contributor. Voice of America's Hayde Adams FitzPatrick tells the story.


Maureen Johnstone stands at a street-side memorial to grandson Zinadene Pelton, 14, who was killed in gang crossfire in March 2017. Painted on the wall behind is the phrase 'the good die young.' (H. Adams FitzPatrick/VOA)


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