Mugabes' Fall From Grace, Fodder for Zimbabwean Satirists

The play, Operation Restore Regasi, which highlights the final days of former president Robert Mugabe's rule, marked a watershed in a country where satirical productions that mocked Mugabe were suppressed. Zimbabweans can now laugh at the former president and his wife Grace in theatres or comedy shows -wiithout worrying about being arrested or wondering if the play would be banned. Who has the last laugh now?

  • Zimbabwe:   Satire Booming After Mugabe's Fall

    New Zimbabwe, 25 May 2018

    On A stage in a park in Harare, Carl Joshua Ncube, perhaps the country's most famous comedian, is coaching a novice. Imitating her act, in which she pretends to deliver a baby, he… Read more »

Photo: The Herald

Operation Restore Regasi.


  • Operation Restore Regasi Play

    Operation Restore Regasi
    Publication Date:
    25 May 2018

    Twice the play has been called back by public demand in Masvingo now finally the people of Harare will have a chance to enjoy the satirical Operation ... see more »


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