Outrageous Press Fees Undermine Media Freedom in Mozambique

The introduction by Mozambican authorities of exorbitant media accreditation fees is an assault on freedom of the press and a blatant attempt to clamp down on journalists, media rights watchdogs have warned. This comes after the Mozambican government announced plans to introduce hefty license fees for local and foreign journalists in an apparent attempt to discourage reporting from the country.

Photo: MFWA


  • Mozambique:   New Media Fees Assault Press Freedom

    HRW, 17 August 2018

    Mozambique's government should cancel recently imposed exorbitant fees on local and foreign media operating in the country. The new fees are a huge setback for press freedom and… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   World's Highest Press Fees 'Undermine Media Freedom'

    Mozambique News Reports And Clippings, 10 August 2018

    Mozambique appears to be charging the highest fees in the world for foreign press, and has sharply increased fees for local media, in what seems an attempt to restrict press… Read more »


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