Three Decades Later, Catholic Priest Apologises to Man He Raped

Reacting to the 84-year-old Catholic priest's apology, 46-year-old William Segodisho, who recently shared his story about the sexual abuse he suffered in his teens said: "The deliberate absence of the acknowledgment of my pain and this apology, has damaged me beyond recovery. I shall take it to my grave. Having said that, I am relieved that my struggle was not in vain. I welcome that finally, my truth has been acknowledged and it is now officially affirmed that I am not the liar I was made out to be for almost three decades. His apology, late as it comes, gives me the peace my soul has been crying out for all along." The police have confirmed that Segodisho opened a case of sexual assault.

Photo: Unsplash

46 year old South African told the media at a briefing on how a Catholic priest sexually assaulted him from 1985 to 1989.

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