President's Camp Claims Senegal Election Win

Senegal's prime minister has claimed that President Macky Sall was re-elected in a first round vote on Sunday. Prime Minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, a Sall ally, claimed that the president had won 13 out of 14 regions with "at least 57 percent" of the vote.

Senegalese people vote.

  • Senegal:   Senegal Votes for New President

    Deutsche Welle, 24 February 2019

    Senegalese voters will choose from just five candidates in its presidential election after two were barred from the vote. Current President Macky Sall is the favorite to win. Read more »

  • Senegal:   Senegal's Sall Casts Vote in Presidential Election

    Thomson Reuters, 24 February 2019

    Incumbent Senegal President Macky Sall cast his vote in the country's presidential election on Sunday (February 24) where he said he hoped to win a second term to represent the… Read more »


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