Agenda for Transformation: Steps Toward Liberia RISING 2030

Government of Liberia
Publication Date:
15 April 2013
Liberia, Sustainable Development

This development strategy, the Agenda for Transformation (AfT),is an important step toward fulfilling our government's commitment to lift Liberians out of poverty to prosperity.The Agenda for Transformation, our medium term development strategy, is amajor paradigm shift in the history of Liberia's development. Over the past several years, our national development agenda has been confronted by unforeseen circumstances which have required us to think harder, develop new ideas, and take deliberate actions. The Lift Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy, spanning 2008-2011, placed Liberia on the path of recovery. Under this strategy, we have seen big, tangible gains in the areas of peace, national security, stability and infrastructure development, among others.The onus is now on all of us to consolidate these gains, extend the impact to ordinary citizens in our towns and villages and situate the country on the path of economic transformation and inclusive growth.


Strategy to Lift Liberians Out of Poverty

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says the country's medium term development strategy, dubbed the Agenda for Transformation, which was launched last year, is a major paradigm shift ... Read more »