Say No to Child Marriage - UNICEF

Publication Date:
17 July 2017
Benin, Children and Youth

"A little girl is still a child. She cannot be a mother or a bride. Let her grow up to live a fulfilling life. Say NO to child marriage!", sing in chorus UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassadors, Angélique Kidjo and Zeynab Abib, accompanied by Danialou Sagbohan, Kalamoulaï, Don Métok, Sessimè, Dibi Dobo, Norberka and Olga Vigouroux. As part of the national Zero Tolerance Campaign against child marriage, launched by the Government of Benin on June 16th - the Day of the Africa Child (DAC) - the nine artists committed themselves to this unprecedented movement by breaking the silence. Through the creation of a song and a video, which are deeply moving, yet full of hope, they called on the population to act. [Watch the video SAY NO TO CHILD MARRIAGE] "Child marriage is a negation of children's right to grow up free. Every child has the right to a childhood. I call on parents not to marry off their young daughters as they are our wealth and the future of our continent", said Angélique Kidjo who co-created the song with Zeynab Abib. The artists sing in a variety of languages, including Fon, Mina, Mahi, Sahouè, Yoruba, Goun, Bariba and French in order for the message to reach people throughout the country and in neighbouring countries.


Angelique Kidjo Join Benin Artists to Sing Against Child Marriage

Singer Angelique Kidjo and eight of Benin's music artists have joined forces to create a song calling on the population to say NO to child marriage, as part of the national Zero ... Read more »