Liberia: Finally, Liberian Refugee Mothers, Others Get Work Permits, Survived Civil War, 2716 Days in Deadly Snowstorms, Covid-19 in the U.S.

Boston, Massachusetts — Love, fled the violence of the Liberian Civil War in the year 2000 at age 13 with her father and mother longing for peace and safety. After passing through many countries, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and losing her mother, she finally arrived in the United States during the Obama Administration on December 15, 2015. She thought her woes were over but her ordeals have just begun.

Now a single mother who arrived in Massachusetts, America Compassion finally arrived after she moved through nine (9) states, and settled homeless in Georgia. It took 2716 days, three American Presidents, nine deadly winters, Covid-19 Pandemic that killed over a million Americans before she got permits to work. Her work permit expires May 23, 2024. Love is joining the UHRI, and the Free Liberia Movement to call on the Government of the United States to end the unnecessary suffering of Liberians initiated by the US Congress, HR-40 on March 26, 1790, when racism was codified in America.

Slavery is over. Slave Master James Monroe is dead. It's time for confession, repentance, reparations and a fresh start for a new authentic African nation. It's time for US Visa Waiver for all Liberians!

Today May 23, 2023, the Biden Administration approved work permits for half of the Liberian refugees in the United States since November 21, 2014. Although under Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, all refugees are exempt from paying filing fees for work permits, unemployed Liberian refugees were required to pay over $400 and wait one year. Unfortunately, the work permit expires next year May 2023! Although the Liberians in question were living in the United States long before the Liberian Refugees Fairness Act passed, they were excluded for no justifiable reasons. On the other hand, all Ukrainians in the USA on the date of the Ukrainian reprieve were all included and protected. This precedent applies to citizens of other nations, Hong KOng, Afghanistan, etc.

Liberia is a colony created by the government of the United States through an ACt of Congress on March 3, 1819, using American taxes and the force of the US Navy, to fulfill American domestic and foreign policy objectives, according to the 2nd annual report of the American Colonization Society; "... is most confidently believed, the colonization of the free people of colour, will render the slave who remains in America more obedient, more faithful, more honest, and, consequently, more useful to his master, is it proper to regard this happy consequence to both, as the sole object which the Society hope to attain..."

Liberia was settled by African American citizens and governed by white Americans for the first two decades, evidenced by the land deed signed by US Agent Dr. Eli Ayers and US Navy Captain Robert Stockton. The US Dollar is legal tender and ten presidents of Liberia were African American citizens. The Capitol is Monrovia, named in honor of American slave master and President, James Monroe.

Article 1 of the 1824 Constitution of Liberia approved in Washington in May 1825 is still in force today (American Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, Brom Betts V. Ashley- Massachusetts 1781, Misc Article 1 of the 1847 Constitution & Article 95 of the 1986 Constitution). "All persons born in Liberia are ENTITLED to all privileges enjoyed by citizens of the United States."

"Charity begins at home!" Today, America and all G-7 colonial powers are fighting Russian colonization of Ukraine that started with the brutal invasion in 2022, but not a single one of the colonial powers (G-7 nations) has apologized for colonization, exploitation, dehumanization, slavery and ongoing harm of codified racism ( HR40 dating back to March 26, 1790).

Due to the unmitigated HR-40 racist law, descendants of American citizens banished to Liberia and Indian Reservations in humane ways by the Government of the United States are still suffering needlessly on American soil. Over 70% of Liberian visa applicants are routinely denied visas, earning the United States Government millions of dollars. While keeping the descendants of African Americans who built the economy of the United States in exile indefinitely, the government of the United States welcomes millions of citizens of the colonial powers of the world into the United States without visa under the US visa Waiver program benefiting citizens of 40 countries-no African nation included. There are efforts underway to mitigate the ongoing harm of officially sanctioned racism in America HR-40, S-40 and US Visa Waiver Petition-Liberia.

Meanwhile, American taxpayers are unwittingly sustaining corruption regimes worldwide through support of election that are rigged by incumbents to exclude poor citizens from participation in civic leadership through election laws that impose excessive registration fees in thousands of dollars. Additionally, requirements of up to USD $5000 bank balances for independent candidates without any alternatives for citizens such as "WRITE-IN" candidate options on ballots. The stakes are so high ritualistic Killings by politicians who engage in human sacrifice are widespread. In Massachusetts and the United States, citizens interested in elective office as civic leaders are not required to pay any registration fees. Candidates are required to submit a list of registered voters: 150 voters to run for the house of representatives. In New Jersey a candidate for president needs to get 800 signatures of registered voters.

"It's time to end corruption and sustaining violent regimes using American taxpayers' money to fund elections designed to exclude citizens. If the system is broken and corrupt, such a system must not enjoy the lifeblood of sustainability of American taxes" said Rev. Krua.

It's time to apologize for slavery and ongoing American colonization in Liberia. Visa Waiver for all Liberians is long overdue. It's time for reparations and mitigation of HR 40 and all racist laws. It's time to invest in peacemaking and stop investing in war when refugees of color from Sudan and Liberia are still being treated worse than federal law protection for animals and pets in the United States.

It's time to include all Liberian refugees in the United States as beneficiaries of the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act just as the reprieves for Hong Kong and Ukraine were inclusive of all citizens from those countries who were in the United States on the dates these laws came into force. "Righteousness Exalts A Nation"!

Rev. Torli Krua is a U.S. based Liberian and the founder of the Universal Human Rights International and the Free Liberia Movement. He can be reached via 857-249-9983 ([email protected]).

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