Africa: No New Countries Up For AGOA Trade Benefits

The African Growth and Opportunity Act will remain eligible to the current forty sub-Saharan African countries for trade preferences and benefits with the United States.

  • Africa:   Forty Nations Remain Eligible for U.S. Trade Benefits

    State Department, 30 December 2011

    Forty sub-Saharan African countries will remain eligible in 2012 for U.S. trade preferences and benefits aimed at improving lives and livelihoods on the continent. Read more »

  • Namibia:   What is AGOA?

    Namibian, 31 May 2011

    The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a United States Trade Act that significantly enhances US market access for (currently) 41 Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. Read more »

  • Africa:   Results of Annual Presidential AGOA Eligibility Review

    Office of The United States Trade Representative, 29 December 2011

    Today, Ambassador Kirk announced President Obama's decision to designate 40 sub-Saharan African<> countries as eligible for AGOA… Read more »

  • Zambia:   U.S, Africa Consult On Reviewing AGOA for Increased Benefits

    Times of Zambia, 10 November 2011

    IN 2010, Zambia took over the chair of the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) and the Zambian Ambassador to the United States Sheila Siwela was appointed co-chairperson of the… Read more »

Construction workers.

Photo: OQA

Unloading cotton.

  • Zambia:   Sylva Group Takes Zamsoup to U.S

    Times of Zambia, 4 January 2012

    THE Sylva Group of Companies has projected to export 32 tonnes of Zamsoup into the United States market this year under the Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA). Read more »

  • East Africa:   Going Gaga Over Agoa? It Pays

    East African, 3 August 2009

    As Nairobi hosts the 8th Agoa Forum this week, it is emerging that many countries are yet to exploit the huge business opportunities created by the Act. Read more »

Dock workers handling port containers.

  • Kenya:   Take Agoa to the Next Level

    Nation, 1 August 2009

    For the eighth time in as many years, officials from sub-Saharan Africa congregate for the annual Agoa forum, this time from Tuesday in Nairobi. Read more »


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